October 2020 should see the opening of our new changing rooms to support wider use of the 3G Pitch. We are indebted to our three contractors. Civl Engineering company PMK have been a massive supporter of these changing rooms and have been a key contributor of services saving a large amount of cost, supported by Robert Law Building Services and our principal contractor, Burnbrae Building Services, who have superbly managed the project and within 3 months have our building complete and again made significant cost-savings on our behalf.

Key fundraisers have been Strathaven Dynamo and the Renewable Energy Fund who together have made the major contributions. We have had further grant support from Scottish Football Partnership, Strathaven Rugby Club, Lottery Fund, Kilpatrick Fraser Trust, Strathaven Round Table, Strathaven Rotary Club and Adams Community Trust.

We thank them all and look forward to our opening soon.